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Q. What’s the difference between your meat and the supermarket?

A. Our meat comes from a native breed to this area, the Red Ruby cattle. It matures slowly and naturally on fresh organic grass that is so wholesome that the animals don’t need artificial feed. Our animals produce meat that has beautiful marbling, and after hanging for the correct amount of time this produces very tender beef with delicious flavour.


Q. Are your prices more expensive then the supermarket?

A. You will be suprised to know that our prices are lower then the supermarkets. The beef is from £6.60 to £8.90 a kilo depending on the size of the box you order. The lamb is from £6.95 to £7.90 per kilo.


Q. Do you inject your beef with water?

A. No way. Our beef is 100% natural so when you cook with our beef that is no excess moisture. Our customer notice this straight away when they start cooking with our meat.


Q. What does a box of beef contain?

A. The boxes can vary slightly but generally they contain all the cuts:  sirloin steaks, fillet steaks, rump steaks, rib of beef or rolled beef, brisket, topside roast, silverside, shin, stewing steak and minced beef. Each cut of meat is packed in individual plastic bags and labelled.


Q. What does a box of lamb contain?

A. A box of lamb contains the following: leg, shoulder, loin chops, lamb chops, breast and neck. The leg and shoulder can be left whole or cut in half and any of the cuts can be minced. Half a lamb weighs up to 10kg and a whole lamb up to 20kg.


Q. How much room does it take up in my freezer?

A. A 10kg box will generally takes up to about 1 tray in a standard upright freezer.


Q. How long do I have to wait for my meat order?

A. We slaughter to order so please allow up to 6 weeks from the date of your order to delivery. We work to a monthly schedule and our deliveries are usually on the last Wednesday in each month. The best time to order is in the first week in a months, before we select animals for slaughter.


Q. Can I order specific cuts of meat?

A. Unfortunatly not.


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